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Ajanla Farms Limited is a leading Grand Parent Stock integrator and distributor in Nigeria. A market leader in the Poultry industry, Ajanla Farms is known, trusted and recognized for quality and excellence for all its products and services.

hatchery operations

Accamega Farms hatcheries are well equipped with the state -of- the- art Petersime machines with innovative technologies including facilites for environmental control and air handling which optimize quality chicks’ production.

crops production

Ajanla Farms Limited is into permanent crops production with large hectrage of Cocoa, Citrus, Plantain and exotic Papaya plantations, which serves as raw materials for fruit juice production and non alcoholic beverages.


The Egg Breeds (Layer lines) GP Layer line, consists of the popular and high performing ISA Brown, Bovans Black and Dekalb-Amberlink which are sourced from Hendrix Genetics (the leading supplier of Layer GP globally). ProductsParent stock Day-old chicks for ISA Brown, Bovan black and Dekalb Amberlink


Accamega farm is one of the leading companies in fish and fishfeed production in Nigeria. We use the best techniques in aquaculture practice available in the world to produce quality fingerlings, juveniles and table size African cat fish and Tilapia. We use innovative techniques involving careful selection, electronically monitored breeding through the use of artificial implant, Recirculatory Aquaculture System (RAS), floating and fat coated fish feed. Most of our customers are top-players in Nigeria cat-fish industry.

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